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16 October 2010 – Reykjavík. Iceland Airwaves '10, part III.     (Picture 1 of 8 pictures)
Saturday, the last festival day at Hafnarhús. Today we heared and saw: Robyn (SE), Bombay Bicycle Blub (UK), Tunng (UK), Bang Gang (IS) and Spleen Untited (DK).
Reykjavík. Iceland Airwaves '10, part III. - Saturday, the last festival day at Hafnarhús. Today we heared and saw: <a href='http://www.robyn.com' target='_blank' class='linksnormal'>Robyn</a> (SE), <a href='http://www.bombaybicycleclubmusic.com/' target='_blank' class='linksnormal'>Bombay Bicycle Blub</a> (UK), <a href='http://www.tunng.co.uk/' target='_blank' class='linksnormal'>Tunng</a> (UK), <a href='http://www.banggang.net/' target='_blank' class='linksnormal'>Bang Gang</a> (IS) and <a href='http://www.spleenunited.dk/' target='_blank' class='linksnormal'>Spleen Untited</a> (DK). (16 October 2010)
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